Some debian questions

Benedikt Bär beniwtv at
Tue Oct 28 14:51:24 CET 2008

Hi all,

I am currently setting up a debian system on my FreeRunner, but I have
some questions. :)

1) I'm writing some python programs to interact with the FSO framework.
I have seen there's now support for a "rules" file, which seems quite a
nice idea.

Now, I would like to be able to modify these rules via my program. That
way, for example, I could set a screen blanking / suspend timeout but my
program wouldn't have to listen to events. It would automatically be
done by the framework.

Is this possible? If not, any plans to implement something like a D-BUS
interface for modifying rules?

2) I now have nice text scrolling by on boot, which is fine. However,
I'd like to have a splash screen for my non-tech friends :).

I've already installed splashy, however, it fails to use /dev/fb0.
However, the file seems to be there and according to dmesg a FB driver
is loaded.

I've also modified my u-boot environment to add splash and vga=317 to
the kernel command line, however it still doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas? Are there special parameters or so to activate this?
I see this with both mwester's last kernel and the OM2008.9 latest
kernel (which seems to have a splash?).

Thanks to all,

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