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Here's something I'm working on, fso-control.  


Uses python and edje to control the state (suspend, reboot, shutdown)
with frameworkd.  It's not unlike what I remember 2007.* and 2008.*
having when the POWER button is pressed.

Some points
* install.sh will cp the files to install but its probably safer
  to do it manually.
* It works from the desktop icon
* "lock" and "more" buttons currently do nothing.
* Add a rule to /etc/freesmartphone/oevents/rules.yaml
    trigger: InputEvent()
                 - HasAttr(switch, "POWER")
                 - HasAttr(event, "pressed")
        actions: Command('fso-control')
* Why doesn't it work from the POWER button?
  I asked about in devel list.

* With fso-testing /etc/dbus-1/system.d/frameworkd.conf has an error:
  Its changed in frameworkd.git.
    <policy user="root">
        <allow own="org.freesmartphone.ousaged"/>
-       <allow send_path="/org/freesmartphone/usage"/>
+       <allow send_path="/org/freesmartphone/Usage"/>
        <allow send_destination="org.freesmartphone.Usage"/>
        <allow receive_sender="org.freesmartphone.Usage"/>
* I plan to add control of the various radios.
* I plan to figure out how to package it.
* Think thats all.  Hope it works!


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