DIY Audioadaptor

Thomas Köckerbauer tkoeck at
Tue Oct 28 21:34:47 CET 2008

> I was about to solder myself an adaptor to use my headphones with the
> FreeRunner as an ogg/flac player. I have found some jacks, which seem to
> good for this task (german website):
> Now I wonder, whether
> a) the jack inside the fr is compatible to the ones of reichelt?

I bought this connector:
It does not fit very well. The metal-base of the connector has a to large 
diameter. Since the headset socket of the Freerunner is a bit inside of the 
case the connector has only full contact if I press in the connector really 
hard (the case caves in a bit). As soon as I stop pressing the plug goes back 
outside a bit again and looses contact again. So you have to make sure that 
the base of the connector is not to large (this is somewhat similar to the 
headset connector problem that was there at the first iPhone).
Maybe as a suggestion for improvement for further OpenMoko phones would be 
that the headset socket should be not be to far in the device.
I'm now thinking about buying a Nokia headset and making an adapter out of it, 
since those have plugs that are normally smaller than those for 

> b) I just need to connect the jacks with a proper cable or do I have to
> solder some resistor, capacitor or sth, different in between to work around
> the bad sound quality some people have noticed?

I did not add anything in between. I can't complain about the audio quality 
(I've also read those reports about bad sound quality, but I did not really 
notice anything).

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