Auto-reject incoming phone calls

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Wed Oct 29 03:13:25 CET 2008

Is there a plan to access also the accelerometers through dbus? it seems to
me that reading continuously from them without appropriate timing could be
heavy for the battery. more, having to do the decoding part from each
application who uses the sensor is complicated and error prone, while having
a signal for the position change, with x,y,z already decoded would simplify
a lot the coding (and encourage it)..

BTW, very good idea and good and readable code

(i didn't test it, but reading the code i thougth this: shouldn't the lines
55 and 56 be unindented of 1 space? actually they intercept only the first
call, and if there is a second call you have to turn it up and then down..
is that wanted? or maybe i just didn't read well the code and it is
correct.. in this case just ignore the question :))


On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 1:28 PM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey at
> wrote:

> Amazing work! Can we drag it into the 'examples' folder in FSO?
> Btw., note that once we have some missing glue done, we'll have signals
> like "EnterArea" and "LeaveArea" for GPS (and more), so use-cases like
> yours
> should be expressable via simple rules in our rules file.
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