What files do I install to get audio. in 2008.testing

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at gmx.de
Wed Oct 29 08:59:15 CET 2008

William Kenworthy schrieb:
> On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 08:36 +0100, Benedikt Schindler wrote:
>> [...]
> Audio is fine with 2008.9 as you say - however if you look above its
> 2008 testing I am having problems - a rather different beast :(
> BillK

that's true. On the testing tree, i still have a blank desktop.
no icons there to start a application.

but i will update my freerunner this afternoon,
maybe there are some icons back afterwards.:)

But i don't have audio problems with the testing tree.

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