Contacts - Fdom vs. OM2008.8

Tom Yates madhatter at
Wed Oct 29 09:08:38 CET 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008, David Samblas wrote:

> One of those dirty things is change config files, the standard 2008.9 
> has this feature you only have tell it to not be so shy and show it :) 
> If you look at the FDOMizer. script you will find all the dirty thing we 
> have done to it :)

that is most useful to know - thank you!  i have written this up on my log 
at and also put 
it in the wiki at 
.  i had to make the contacts page in the wiki in order to put that tip on 
it, so if anyone could have a quick look at the page and remove anything 
that's wrong (or better, add things that are right) that'd be grand.


       Tom Yates  -

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