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Wed Oct 29 15:27:45 CET 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 13:22 +0100, Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Nice

Great! Thanks for trying it.

> This adds some long missing featues.
> Some way to invoke the illume lock thing as it did in early previews 
> with the aux button would be great. Regarding the lock button... ;)

Yeah I agree.  The lock button is coming out of there.  I also think
about the AUX button bring up a menu for the application being used.

> Invoking it via power button does not work tough. I still get the wired 
> 'keep pressed, let go, ...' dialog which seems like a nice idea but does 
> not work well and i don't get the concept...

FSO is such a moving target.  Its often way ahead of fso-testing.  The
suspend and locking was controlled in Zhone.  The suspend part has all
been removed in git.  I was getting a lot of e-wm (or Illume?) errors
with zhone so I disabled it.

> > * Why doesn't it work from the POWER button?
> >   I asked about in devel list.
> >   http://n2.nabble.com/-FSO-testing--Can%

And even with zhone disabled it doesn't work yet.  I can't get an app
with a GUI to start form a rule.


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