[debian/zhone] Start up customization

Neil Jerram neiljerram at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 30 00:03:22 CET 2008

2008/10/29 Joachim Breitner <nomeata at debian.org>:
> what you describe has already happend, ans is renamed to "nodm" (for no
> display manager). It is basically zhone-session, with all zhone-specific
> parts removed. And it does indeed just start ~/.xsession (if no desktop
> environment is installed), where the installer puts the default zhone
> startup.

Fantastic, thanks!

> to switch, just run (via ssh, because it will kill your X server)
> apt-get --purge remove zhone-install

(zhone-install here should be zhone-session, I think)

> apt-get install nodm
> and put a suitable session in ~/.xsession

In case anyone else wants to use it, my .xsession is now:

fbpanel &
openmoko-panel-plugin &
zhone &
exec matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no -use_cursor no

and works well.  (I'm not sure what the matchbox-keyboard-toggle was
for in the old /usr/bin/zhone-session; is that what made the AUX
button toggle the keyboard?  Anyway, if you use openmoko-panel-plugin,
you get a keyboard popup button, so don't need the AUX button as

And a vaguely related tip: as a terminal I recommend xfce4-terminal
rather than xterm, as it has scrollbars that can be operated with only
left click, and also a nicer default font.


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