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Jonathan Schultz jonathan at
Thu Oct 30 00:33:02 CET 2008

I just tried updating my FDOM using FDOMizer from the 20080927 version 
and have had some gains but a few losses and problems.

Some of the applications work but others (notably GnuChess and 
Openmoocow) don't.  In particular GnuChess just goes and consumes all 
available CPU without apparently doing anything.  OpenMooCow doesn't 
appear to do anything either but at least doesn't take any CPU time.

I'm guessing here but I'd think that all those forced dependencies are 
likely to be causing problems.  For example I only have gtk+ v 
2.10.14-r2 instead of 2.12.11;  libglib-2.0.0 v instead of 
2.16.4; libcairo2 v 1.4.10-r0 instead of 1.6.4.  Should I be using a 
different repository here?

There were a couple of files that the script attempted to download from 
angsgtrom that weren't available.  Curiously enough the files that are 
available are older versions than those requested by the script.  These are:

There was something funny about the rc.local file, which the script 
update-rc.d expected to find in /etc/init.d but which were in /etc  I 
copied it then re-ran update-rc.d and things looked a bit better.

I suspect that I'd be better off abandoning the FDOMizer script and 
reinstalling the latest version, which seems a pity because update 
scripts are a great idea.

Cheers, Jonathan
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