Any hope for bug #666?

Roland Kossel qtextended.kossel at
Thu Oct 30 01:19:59 CET 2008


I just got my Freerunner and - of course - it didn't work with my O2
(Germany) card. I went to a local O2 shop and was able to try out a new SIM
card they had in the shop. This card had a completely different pin-layout
than my old card and it worked!
The card is (allegedly) also a 3G-card - since I don't have any UMTS-modem
at hand I couldn't try it out, so this doesn't seem to be the problem.

Anyway I am happy to be able to use my Freerunner now.

I will take a picture of the pin-layout soon and put it on the ticket site.


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Subject: Any hope for bug #666?

is there any new info / progress on bug #666 ( ) that is not yet on the trac/wiki?
That bug is now 15 months (!) old and has yet to receive any serious
attention - I'm hesitating to buy a Freerunner solely because it most likely
wont work with my O2 sim.
Can any openmoko engineer shed some light on this - has there been anything
from TI?

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