OM Keymap Shell Library

Bryan DeLuca openmoko at
Thu Oct 30 03:32:53 CET 2008

Perhaps OCDing a bit ( or being lazy ) I decided to make a little shell library that anyone can use to easily remap buttons for apps when they are launched.  It is really simple to use.  If you used it to map the AUX button to F5 and run evince, the script would look something like this:


. /path/to/omkey_functions

om_key_mod 177 F5

evince $@


And that's it!  It detects if Enlightenment is being used and saves all the config info for those keys being changed.  It should work under the OM 2007.2 image as well.

So, nobody has any legal concerns I define the same permissive licensing that is used for the Debian init scripts.  Basically, just give me credit and use/modify as you like.

Get it here at:

Hope this helps,

Bryan DeLuca <openmoko at>

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