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El jue, 30-10-2008 a las 11:33 +1200, Jonathan Schultz escribió:
> I just tried updating my FDOM using FDOMizer from the 20080927 version 
> and have had some gains but a few losses and problems.
> Some of the applications work but others (notably GnuChess and 
> Openmoocow) don't.  In particular GnuChess just goes and consumes all 
> available CPU without apparently doing anything.  
Whas my fault that I have not include the last modifiations I have done
to /usr/share/applications/gnuchess.desktop file
please edit it and replace


whit this
Exec=openmoko-terminal2 -x gnuchess

> OpenMooCow doesn't 
> appear to do anything either but at least doesn't take any CPU time.
I believe it is a combination of inestability of accelerometers and
sound if any of those elementes doesn't work mookow, still silent on
even it doesn't open at all, it uses to work with the Neo just rebooted.
as experiment you can  execute the Moocow throug  terminal and if no
detect any sound device it will log the moos in the terminal.
> I'm guessing here but I'd think that all those forced dependencies are 
> likely to be causing problems.  For example I only have gtk+ v 
> 2.10.14-r2 instead of 2.12.11;  libglib-2.0.0 v instead of 
> 2.16.4; libcairo2 v 1.4.10-r0 instead of 1.6.4.  Should I be using a 
> different repository here?
Well those forced dependecies is because I consider more important the
stability of the hole system than if one app works or not, for exemple 
setting up angstrom repo, opkg update, opkg install whatelse will have
very high probabilities to end with a bricked neo and to reinstall the
whole sistem again, I know in first hand :)
> There were a couple of files that the script attempted to download from 
> angsgtrom that weren't available.  Curiously enough the files that are 
> available are older versions than those requested by the script.  These are:
I suppose I have (wrong) supposed this libs are alredy updated like the
rest, just install the correct ones if you wish, but finally we have
decided to no intall pidgin because it badly segfaults.
> There was something funny about the rc.local file, which the script 
> update-rc.d expected to find in /etc/init.d but which were in /etc  I 
> copied it then re-ran update-rc.d and things looked a bit better.
ok I note it for next release thank you :)
> I suspect that I'd be better off abandoning the FDOMizer script and 
> reinstalling the latest version, which seems a pity because update 
> scripts are a great idea.
And ,why instead of abandon send this script fixed to us? :) 

This bug report is very valuable, I will post it in Fdom-devel list 
> Cheers, Jonathan
Thanks a lot Jonathan

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