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now I have played around a little with navit and tried to reduce the  
recalculation when speed is under 4.
It's my assumption that a walk is at last about 5 km/h, thus I added  
some lines of code to handle this case.

But before I am really do too much that propably has been done I would  
ask here.

The speed that triggers a recalculation of the displayed map is about  
more as 2.

Should this be done a little bit more ?

Or could it be done by a 'lowpass' that increases the trigger about  
half the average speed (three or four times measured)
if the average is more than the result of the increase ?

The decrease should be done similar (about some below the average).

This will reduce the amount of recalculations a lot I think.

A question beside. I want to try my changes on my FreeRunner for a  
live test:

How to get changes into the MokoMakefile built of navit.
Should I create a patch to be applied in a prebuild step ?

I have seen several directories per user that do something I don't  
understand yet.

Any further help out there ?

Another idea: What about a real voice, recorded from someone to  
replace the synthetic voice ?
(There are not so much combinations I think)



Am 19.10.2008 um 04:57 schrieb Marco Trevisan (Treviño):

> KaZeR wrote:
>> (i finally ordered and received a Freerunner :) )
> Nice, are you a navit dev?
> I guess you are (especially looking at your site)... :P
>> Lothar Behrens a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> I got installed navit and after some tries I got the correct
>>> germany.bin file by downloading it with a wget -O germany.bin ...
>>> quicklink.
>>> For a brief feedback: Very good !
>> Thanks :)
> I do agree... I've but changed a little the (gtk) interface to make it
> fit better to the openmoko, and I've to increase the cursor size  
> (not so
> easy to see while driving!
>>> If navit needs to calculate a big route, isn't it good to display a
>>> hint window or a status message instead leaving the user unknown  
>>> and let
>>> even the whole GUI stay blocked like with a message box when tapping
>>> on the screen and let the calculations done in a background thread ?
>> This issue has been around for some time :
>> It used to work, then was removed because code was changed, and it
>> hasn't been reimplemented yet.
> I'm waiting for this too
>>> It seems that this comes also into play when the position is  
>>> changed,
>>> thus a recalculation would propably triggered ?
>> If you go outside of the planned route, a new route is computed, yes
> Well, in my experience it is recalculated but too late imho. Maybe the
> voice sinthetizer says it but while driving it's not easy to heard my
> freerunner (the speaker is to low to be heard in the traffic or if I'm
> listening some music), while often I've to force the refresh from the
> interface.
>>> I am also a programmer, but this seems to be a untrivial issue for a
>>> newbie for that code.
>> If you're willing to help, feel free to contact me or join #navit on
>> freenode. You will get there all the help you should need :)
> Nice. I'd like also to ask you a thing about the SDL interface... I've
> not tried to compile it in my toolchain/OE build due to the fact  
> that I
> had no time to port/compile the missing libraries, but would it work
> well in the Freerunner (that has not 3d hardware acceleration)?
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