[Debian] sound programs.. no sound from VLC

Matthew Lane malane at purdue.edu
Thu Oct 30 20:56:32 CET 2008

Dear community,

I'm running Debian under xfce, and I love it.  I've installed some new 
software and I love the great options of standard Debian software, but 
I'm running into troubles when it comes to playing an MP3.

I've installed Audacious, Noatun, Sonata, and VLC.  Audacious is the 
only player I've been able to hear sound from, but it skips, and very 
frequently!  Noatun will not play my music, and Sonata won't add my 
music to its library even though I redirect MPD's library path.  VLC, 
however, appears to be playing the music, but I have no sound.

Does anyone on the Debian crew know something about this, or anyone have 
some kind of additional test or solution that will be helpful?  Thanks!

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