[Om2008.9] How to use GPS?

Alastair Johnson alastair at truebox.co.uk
Fri Oct 31 12:05:46 CET 2008

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> El día Tuesday, October 28, 2008 a las 10:02:08AM -0400, Stefan Monnier escribió:
>>> TangoGPS starts fine, connects to the 'gpsd' and downloads the maps
>>> through the USB interface from Internet; sometimes is just segfaults :-(
>> Mine says it's version 0.9.2, so I might have gotten it from elsewhere.
>>> I can't see if TangoGPS knows where I am;
>>> how can I prove this if GSM is really working?
>> You'll see when it knows.  Also look at the I/J/K numbers at the end of
>> the bottom line, they indicate how many satellites are in view and how
>> many are in sync.
>> You probably need to manually turn the GPS on in the Settings, sadly.
> Hi,
> Any idea about this problem:
> I'm using tangogps-0.9.3-r1 and  gpsd-2.34-r9 in the GTA-02 FreeRunner
> with Om2008.9; sometimes I get (with clean sky) a Fix after some seconds,
> some times not even after 20 minutes in the same location; the status
> line of tangoGPS shows a lot of sattelites but none used of them, for
> enexample 12/0/0.0 What could I do? Thx

I used to see odd behaviour a bit like that from gpsd when the gps was 
powered up after gpsd was started. To save a bit of power I took to 
running gpsd only while the gps was powered up, starting and stopping 
both from a script. After I started doing that I stopped seeing the odd 
behaviour, but it could have been coincidence as there was a lot going 
on around gps in those days.

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