[Om2008.9] How to use GPS?

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Oct 31 13:15:39 CET 2008

El día Friday, October 31, 2008 a las 11:05:46AM +0000, Alastair Johnson escribió:

> >Any idea about this problem:
> >
> >I'm using tangogps-0.9.3-r1 and  gpsd-2.34-r9 in the GTA-02 FreeRunner
> >with Om2008.9; sometimes I get (with clean sky) a Fix after some seconds,
> >some times not even after 20 minutes in the same location; the status
> >line of tangoGPS shows a lot of sattelites but none used of them, for
> >enexample 12/0/0.0 What could I do? Thx
> I used to see odd behaviour a bit like that from gpsd when the gps was 
> powered up after gpsd was started. To save a bit of power I took to 
> running gpsd only while the gps was powered up, starting and stopping 
> both from a script. After I started doing that I stopped seeing the odd 
> behaviour, but it could have been coincidence as there was a lot going 
> on around gps in those days.

The 'gpsd' is launched at boot time by the script /etc/init.d/gpsd; I've
added support for power-on and power-off in the script before 'start'
and after 'stopping' the 'gpsd'; as well I've expanded the file
/usr/share/applications/tangogps.desktop to restart 'gpsd' before
launching 'tangogps' and to stop the 'gpsd' after end of 'tangogps' (to
save power) by this line:

   Exec=/etc/init.d/gpsd restart;tangogps;/etc/init.d/gpsd stop

this worked well in the sense of the processes itself (I've checked this
in the log files and with ps(1)); but after this change in
/usr/share/applications/tangogps.desktop the above described behaviour 
started to occur; I've revoked now the change and don't touch 'gpsd'
anymore after it was started at boot; it now works again as one expect;

it seems that 'gpsd' needs its time to sync with the stars (the
sattelites) and/or 'tangogps' does not like a freshly booted 'gpsd';
with more time I will debug the logs deeper ...

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