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John Lee john_lee at
Fri Oct 31 23:22:14 CET 2008

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 02:51:01PM +0100, Benedikt Schindler wrote:
> hi,
> this ticket ( said that the 
> "no icons bug" is fixed since 4 days.
> But there isn't an update in the unstable or testing tree.  (they are 
> still "svnr36882". )

the way to fix this bug is not updating to another svn rev which might
introduce other unexpected behaviors due to the massive changes in EFL
recently.  instead we stick to this 36882 and fix problems there.

I don't think we will upgrade efl rev before we have another efl
snapshot/release.  following some random rev in svn trunk tree is
proved to be a very very bad idea.

the current stuffs in testing repo works for me and our testing team
and also for other engineers.  so I bet there's something wrong in the
upgrade path or your theme/config combination.

the only supported combination is

illume-theme-asu + illume

if you got stuffs like illume-config, illume-config-asu, please remove
them.  illume-theme-asu comes with both config and theme files.  it
does NOT include 'qwerty' button and 'wrench' config.

I have also seen the illume default combination works:

illume-config-illume + illume-theme-illume + illume

notice that config and theme comes in different packages here.  it
DOES include qwerty and wrench.

the way to switch between different sets of config and theme is to set
it in /etc/enlightenment/default_profile .  this is ugly and
will/should be solved in upstream soon.

after you make sure your efl related stuff and illume related packages
are correct (check with opkg list_installed | grep illume), stop x
server, rm -rf ~/.e, start x server.

since the next stable release will be the first one that comes
directly from a branch of, the upgrade path from stable
(i.e. om2008.9) will need a lot of testing.  our beloved testing team
will help.


at the moment the 'settings' app in testing repo still got error (not
scrolling), this is a known issue.  however one can still set the
suspend time.

- John

> How long does it need to get into unstable / testing ?
> Because the updates in the kernel-git (stable) showing up in the 
> unstable-feeds 1 day after the patch is send to the git.
> So should i say something if these changes are not showing up after 4 
> days in the unstbale tree or is normal and should i be quiet and wait 
> for it ? :)
> cu
> Beni
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