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Josh Thompson om-comm at joshandbianca.net
Mon Sep 1 03:00:11 CEST 2008

For anyone else like myself that's not using the debian distro, I was able to 
download the debian package files for Midori (armel version) from


to an Ubuntu box, extract them from the deb file

dpkg -x <filname.deb> <extract to dir>

create a tarball, copy that over to my FR and extract it.  I also had to 
download the package for libgtksourceview to get it to work.

I'm using 2007.2.  I do have a problem when I click Go->Location... that I 
can't see whereever I'm supposed to enter the URL.  However, if I just type 
it in using the keyboard followed by Enter, it will go to the URL.


On Wednesday 27 August 2008 6:10:10 am Michele Renda wrote:
> Yes, I have the same impession too
> I used the ipk version of Midori (Om 2008.8) and I realy did't liked it,
> but then I used the Debian + XFCE + Midori: It is wonderful! Not too
> I was able to see www.alitalia.it, that is a site problematic in
> computers, it render perfect on midori.
> I used it on everyday use.
> budfive wrote:
> > I just looked through several browsers for something that is useable. The
> > conclusion I reached is that the debian packaged copy of midori is
> > excellent. And not just excellent compared with the other browsers or
> > compared with what was considered useful on openmoko so far. It is
> > actually very functional and very fast. If you have had a bad experience
> > with midori using openmoko's packages, try it again with debian. You will
> > be very pleasantly surprised. This actually gives me a reason to carry
> > the freerunner with me. Get it. Get it now.
> >
> > Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> >> On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 04:37:25PM +0200, Fox Mulder wrote:
> >>> At the moment i got iceweasel running on my debian freerunner. It is
> >>> also a firefox port which works great. I could use any original addon
> >>> from mozilla. :)
> >>> Maybe it is a bit slow when starting but at the moment it is the best
> >>> browser i found for my neo.
> >>> But you are right. In the future i hope there will be a bit more
> >>> lightweight mobile version of the firefox.
> >>
> >> I viciously hate my experience with midori and openmoko-browser :)
> >>
> >> Rui
> >>
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