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> Nishit Dave wrote:
> > Why doesn't somebody fix the charmed file in the repos?  This change
> > has also been recommended in the GPRS with GSM Multiplexing and GUI
> > subsection on the wiki.  What happens in a real-world scenario is
> > people trying to use vi on the phone's tiny screen estate, standing
> > around wifi hotspots, if they know they have to change init() to
> > _init().  Finding line 82 is very difficult unless you are a vi
> > wizard.  The tiny letters on the keyboard (and that's hoping it is
> > raster's kbd, not the original one) make it even worse.
> vi command to locate line 82:
> :82
> Then enter.
> Alakazam! hehe
> Sarton
> Cute!  I only wish I had that information when I was fooling around on the
FR looking like the ultimate geek in a public place.  Oh, for the want of a
proper text editor...
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