debian/apm/apmd - experimenting

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Sep 1 16:06:44 CEST 2008

> But isn't there a way to use suspend/resume with the power button
> without zhone?

probably not -- that's because of the development staus of fso and the  
nature of zhone.
zhone is an app to test all the features of fso -- if you look into  
zhone.log you'll see that even the pwr press&hold is received and handled  
by zhone -- which makes sense for a test application.
what's necessary is to split zhone in it's parts or rather take the  
interesting parts from zhone (dialer, sms, contacts, event handling) and  
create separate applications/daemons from it.

i think shr was somehow supposed to do that (by porting applications to  
fso), but if they do, their work does not show up in the debian-fso repo  
so far.

does anyone know a good intrduction into python, dbus and fso? i'd like to  
have a look into it every time i attempted to something else came up and  
diverted my attention ...

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