2008.8 update: Wrench doesn't appear even withillume-configinstalled

flamma at correo.ugr.es flamma at correo.ugr.es
Mon Sep 1 16:10:21 CEST 2008

> No offense intended, but are you looking for it in the right place? ;)
> By default (unless you've used illume-config itself to change it) it
> appears in the top-left corner only once the tray has been opened, is
> hidden normally. (this threw me at first, when I'd upgraded from 2007
> and enabled it per the wiki)
> j

I have had openned the tray, and I have had tapped every pixel in the
upper row, since nothing is shown. And it didn't work :(

But of course I can't be offended by someone who is trying to help me :)

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