Please split this list!

Stroller stroller at
Mon Sep 1 17:04:11 CEST 2008

On 1 Sep 2008, at 12:06, Thorben Krueger wrote:

> Please consider splitting this mailinglist into sublists, i.e. each
> handling its own distribution...

There was some discussion about the mailing lists a couple of months  
ago - one Openmoko employee said they were considering suggestions  
then another (apparently) unilaterally went on ahead anyway and  
redefined the purpose of the device-owners list, renaming it to  
support at the same time (an option which had not been discussed).

The best way forward, IMO, is to split the support list into distros  
- presently, I think, it only handles 2007.2 - and take all support  
issues off community.

Good luck getting a useful result. I think I'm going to have to stop  
reading, so great is the volume on community at present.


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