2008.8 / Suspend and Illume [Was: illume-config-illume on 2008.8-updates]

François TOURDE fr-om at tourde.org
Mon Sep 1 19:45:48 CEST 2008

Le 14123ième jour après Epoch,
yves mahe écrivait:

> Alexandre Girard wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint, it works great to get back the illume keyboard!
>> Only problem: my openmoko is going suspend after 30 sec, even with the  
>> suspend off in Settings.
>> If it might help you to get the source of the problem, I'm seeing a  
>> giant X befre it goes suspend.
>> Hope it´s not a big issue...
>> Alex
> Already discussed in thread "Om2008.8 - latest update - FR suspends 
> after 30 secs - unconditionally"

Yes, even using a non-zero return code from a apm proxy shell
(/etc/apm/event.d/xxx). I've tested it and... it fails :'(

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