GsmBluetooth state file for gta02

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Sep 2 00:49:41 CEST 2008

Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote
> That's because the Bluetooth is in another chip. For that, you need the 
> full schematics:

I looked at the schematics, and the BT chip is directly connected to the audio chip.

The BT chip setup is done by bluez, and it appears pcm in/out is always on and no additional setup 
required (other than pairing and setting up the headset).

> The very first diagram (page 2) shows how the chips fit together. There 
> you can see how the bluetooth chip is connected to the codec: the PCM 
> pins. There seems to be a comment saying something about "BT Codec DAI" 
> on neo1973_gta02_wm8753.c, which seems related.

If it is it is totally beyond me to see where and how this would be setup

> So, you just need to find out:
> - How to switch bluetooth audio I/O to these PCM pins (should be 
> something in the HCI-USB standard).

I think bluez driver already does that. I made it work on my PC for instance.

> - How to route within the codec between the PCM pins and the pins which 
> are connected to the GSM chip (these pins are also shown in the diagram).

That also seems to be set in the .state files which are GTA01 specific, I created some GTA02 ones 
but no hint of audio thru BT. (I probably missed something like the Neo Mode setting, but wait.. 
they took that out and did not document what it was replaced with!)

I officially give up on this, as I simply cannot make any further progress, I have uploaded the 
gta02 compatible state files to the wiki, and I hope someone with more patience than me can guess 
the rest, because guessing is about all that is left.

I am totally frustrated by this, and the total lack of interest by anyone at OM to get this working.

I am very close to sending the FR back under false advertising laws, as no working BT headset makes 
it useless as a GSM phone in the state I live in, and it is advertised as having BT headset 
capability and I have spent a lot of time filling in for OM to try to get this to work.

If OM can give me at least a time frame when they can look into this I'd appreciate it, because I am 
starting to think that BT headset will not work in GTA02, like it didn't work in GTA01, and OM is 
avoiding having to admit that publicly.

All other conspiracy theories are welcome ;)

A VERY frustrated user!

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