Please split this list!

Matt Joyce matt.joyce at
Tue Sep 2 03:10:47 CEST 2008

One alternative might be to have separate posting addresses which all
go to the same list, but result in a short subject prefix being
This would allow group synergies to emerge, while also enable
effective client-side filtering.

Problems with this approach include :
*members who filter won't be part of the synergies.  (members who
filter don't care about synergies)
*some people are passionately against subject prefixes.  (there will
always be a mixed response)
*the mailing list software may not support such a setup   (but may
does or could be made to, postfix recipes, etc)
*possible issue of replys utterly munging the subject   (if the
message has a know prefix, do not add another prefix)

~ Matt

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