testing 20080901 first steps to 2008.09??

Marek Lindner marek at openmoko.com
Tue Sep 2 05:27:15 CEST 2008

On Monday, 1. September 2008 18:22:56 David Samblas wrote:
> Inspite the it's really barebones, I have seen very interestings things by
> default,
> the raster ilume pack:
>   qwerty on/off button
>   the illume keyboard (oh Yes! :) )
>   illume configuration
> the backgound image is pretty zen and beatifull and screen dims smothly.

These bugs are coming from OE upstream which is currently merged into the base 
image. Our distro team has a hard time fixing these. Openmoko does not want 
to force you into something - you should have the choice. 

> Of course it's not functional at all because it has no apps but settings
> (that doesn't work for me), and I was unnable to ssh to it so I was no able
> to not further testing, but  doesn't  matter because is clear is a proof-of
> concept release. I will wait for the next test release (maybe tomorrow?,
> it's a really dayly?)

It is a daily snapshot of the "base / empty" image. The fact that it is empy 
is not a bug but a feature. You should install your applications of choice, 
e.g. keyboard: illume/qtopia/dasher/$whatever_you_come_up_with, phone apps: 
GTK, Qtopia, FSO, $whatever

Again, many bugs from OE upstream entered that image which we have to fix now.

> My question is , I can assume the good things mentioned avobe will be
> mantained in the oficial (semi-stable) 2008.09 release?

This wont be the 2008.9 release because it is too buggy. The 2008.9 will focus 
on stabilizing 2008.8.

> Have you decide the date off that 2008.09 release?

Our QA team gave us a list of bugs we have to fix prior to the release. We 
have to fix them first and then release.


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