GsmBluetooth state file for gta02

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Sep 2 06:53:59 CEST 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Jim Morris wrote:
>> I notice there is a bug filed against this issue...
>> It was filed 20 months ago! I guess that says what the priority of this is.
>> If anyone else is as pissed as I am about the lack of BT support, please hassle OM management to get 
>> this priority raised.
> Am I wrong or someone got it working in qtopia?
> If it is true, maybe you could get some infos from their sources...

Qtopia allows you to pair from the GUI, I got that working, however once paired the audio does 
nothing as Qtopia does not load the alsa state. Basically the situation is the same across all 
dists, and the solution will be the same for all dists AFAIK.

We need a working alsa.state file (I think I may have one, or at least one that is pretty close), 
and we need to understand how alsa and bluez work together to make the PCM from the bluetooth chip 
interact with the wolfson audio chip. and whatever else used to be done if you set the Neo Mode in 
alsa to bluetooth.

Jim Morris,

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