NjuBee - questions

Gunnar Stahl gunnar.stahl at gunnarstahl.org
Tue Sep 2 15:17:39 CEST 2008

i received my fr on friday (thanks to christoph from pulster) and
although I am pretty good with linux in general and debian in particular
I do have a couple of questions / concerns.

At first, after the first outbursts of joy, some frustration started to
creep in. Although I knew that fr was not really ready I find it somehow
embarassing to see how many of the standard features of a standard phone
do not work. 

I searched around the wiki and in the mailing lists, but the questions

- Sound: How do I adjust the speaker volume? Currently it blows my ears
into oblivion when it is too close to my head.
- Ringtones: Although this is not really important it annoys me to have
to set it to vibrator for just not to wake up everybody in the office
when someone calls me.
- Whenever I have to plug out the battery for one of the various reasons
like total freezes of the fr then the clock sets to 0:40 or something
- Keyboard: This thing is ridiculously unusuable. As in ridiculous. I
know there are developments going on, but it would be a heck of a lot
more usuable if a fragging stylus had been on board (grrrr) (sorry).
- Is there any user-friendly way to turn on gprs/edge?
- GPS: No fix at all, even with sd-card miles away from the fr

Any usefull suggestions?



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