Freerunner won't charge, and won't start anymore due to out of power

Paul V. Borza paul at
Tue Sep 2 16:05:42 CEST 2008

I've flashed the updated 2008.8 on my Freerunner, and then left it for a
couple of days without turning on.Yesterday I've tried to turn it on: it
starts, the Openmoko logo appears, and then it suddenly turns off.

I think this is because of the battery that is already out of power.
However, I've tried connecting the Freerunner to the USB for more than 12
hours, but the battery won't charge - or at least I think it's not charging,
because whenever I turn it on, the same out of the blue shutdown happens.

Has anyone got a similar behavior?
Should/is the Neo charging when is turned off and connected to the PC?
I can't use it right now, because it won't even boot, because during boot,
it shuts down.


Paul V. Borza
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