Preventing opkg upgrade from flashing the kernel partition

Mikael Berthe mikael.berthe at
Tue Sep 2 20:06:16 CEST 2008

* arne anka <openmoko at> [2008-09-02 10:57 +0200]:
> > I do want opkg to update the kernel, but I don't want it to touch NAND,
> > because my system is on the SD card.
> i would expect opkg to update the kernel in /boot -- if you boot from sd  
> it should be the kernel /boot on your sd, if you boot from nand it should  
> be nand.

I'm not sure the kernel package scripts have this logic.  I doubt it,
and that's why I asked ;)

I tried to find a kernel package to check but I couldn't find one.

> how did you design your system?

1 OS in flash (initial OM2007.2),
1 SD card with 4 partitions (2 of them containing a bootable system).

I'm afraid that upgrading the kernel on one of the SD card systems could
flash the NAND kernel (and then the kernel wouldn't match the OM2007.2
Of course there would be a few ways to recover from this situation, but
if I can make sure it will not happen it's all the better...

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