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Jim Morris ml at
Tue Sep 2 22:50:18 CEST 2008

Michael Zanetti wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 September 2008 14:02:01 arne anka wrote:
>> with the buzzing still unsolved that's at least a way to use a headset to
>> make calls.
>> how do i use headset/handsfree?
> To be honest I do not have much experience with BlueZ. This is what I know:
> First of all, the BlueZ wiki page about audio:
> Probably you will find some information here:
> Some years ago I got it running on my PC using this guide (could be outdated):
> If you combine the above information with the following you will be probably 
> able to get your Bluetooth Headset working:

Unfortunately that is not the case, I've been playing with BT headsets for weeks, and have not got a 
peep out of one (I've tried several), I have not even got a2dp working either.

I did get it all working on my desktop so I could understand Bluez, however it seems it is easier on 
a desktop because it is all S/W, the FR routes BT audio directly into the audio chip and bypasses 
S/W altogether, at least that is the theory, but no one has yet been able to get that audio path to 
work, or get a combination of audio pathway and bluez configuration.

I'm glad more people are asking, because there has been ZERO response from OM on this issue and 
there has been a ticket on this issue for 20 months!

If someone does get this working please update the wiki. I have given up I've spent way too much 
time on this issue, and to be honest I think OM needs to investigate why it is so hard... Is it even 

> Good Luck

You will need it.

Jim Morris,

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