FR won't boot without going into uboot menu first

Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at
Wed Sep 3 02:33:17 CEST 2008

Thorben Krueger escreveu:
> My FreeRunner won't boot unless I hold down the AUX button while
> powering up and select "boot" manually from the menu. This problem
> started to appear when I had piped junk into all mtdblock devices on
> my FR. (I had misinterpreted one of the wiki pages about images (the
> instructions were intended for the host machine, not the FR itself))
> I reflashed my FR with another image, but as the previously working
> suspend was not doing so any more, I eventually decided to update
> uboot. This solved my suspend issues somewhat but not the boot
> problems. Yes, I also toyed with different uImages, to no avail.

There are another two partitions you would have to reflash, if you 
really overwrote all of them. They are the splash partition (u-boot 
splash image) and the u-boot environment partition (u-boot 
configuration). Junk on the splash partition could be a good explanation 
for the video noise and perhaps also the hang. The environment partition 
can be rewritten from within u-boot itself.

Resume (the other side of suspend) uses only a small part of u-boot 
(which is why reflashing it fixed suspend/resume), so the other two 
partitions being damaged wouldn't break it.

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