FR won't boot without going into uboot menu first

nickd blumph at
Wed Sep 3 02:45:15 CEST 2008

Yes this happened to me OP. I didn't pipe something into mtdblock but 
somehow I lost my NAND flash which contained the things Cesar listed 
below in the quote (uboot uboot-env spash etc). You'll have to reupload 
your splash.gz and maybe your uboot-env. I got both of a friend, which 
worked, but apparently your uboot-env has a list of bad blocks in it 
written at manufacturing time specifically for your phone. Debug board 
can do this but my way seemed to yield good results albeit any problems 
unaware to me. Best of luck!

> There are another two partitions you would have to reflash, if you 
> really overwrote all of them. They are the splash partition (u-boot 
> splash image) and the u-boot environment partition (u-boot 
> configuration). Junk on the splash partition could be a good explanation 
> for the video noise and perhaps also the hang. The environment partition 
> can be rewritten from within u-boot itself.
> Resume (the other side of suspend) uses only a small part of u-boot 
> (which is why reflashing it fixed suspend/resume), so the other two 
> partitions being damaged wouldn't break it.

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