Workaround for the suspend problem in ASU

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at
Wed Sep 3 08:12:20 CEST 2008

To summarize : there is at the moment no way to suspend the Freerunner
from either the POW button or using the "Suspend Time" from Settings. 

However, the "blank time" and "suspend after blank" from the Power
setting of "the wrench" (from the illume-config package or
illume-config-illume, I've lost track) are valid. So :

* if you want your Freerunner to suspend after 60s, set for example the
blank time to 60s ant the suspend after blank to 1s. 

* if you don't want it to suspend at all (when plugged via usb), set the
blank time to off. 

Note that when you wake the phone, with the POW button, you'll have to
tap the screen to get the screen back on since it wakes blank :
something else that should be corrected. 

I also noticed that since upgrading to OM2008.9 testing, it takes much
longer than before to wake up, something around 15". I timed it by
putting the phone to sleep through apm -s (this way it doesn't wake up
blank) or, if it wakes up blank by waiting for the sound of the speaker
coming back on.

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