NjuBee - questions

Tom Yates madhatter at teaparty.net
Wed Sep 3 09:06:36 CEST 2008

On Tue, 2 Sep 2008, Gunnar Stahl wrote:

> - Sound: How do I adjust the speaker volume? Currently it blows my ears
> into oblivion when it is too close to my head.

you may that find my settings at 
"http://www.teaparty.net/technotes/openmoko-2.html#Audio to other mobiles" 
are more bearable; i certainly do.  they crank the mic gain and makes the 
voice in the speaker quieter.  perhaps a little too quiet; i hope to 
adjust the speaker volume up once i have loaded florian hackenberger's 
echo-cancelling patch (thanks, florian!).

> - Is there any user-friendly way to turn on gprs/edge?

i don't know how friendly you consider a one-liner from the terminal shall 
to be, but you can find my writeup at 
http://www.teaparty.net/technotes/openmoko-2.html#GPRS if you want.  i 
will be putting it behind a stub GUI app shortly.

> Any usefull suggestions?

if i may, persevere.  with the changes i've made above, the 'phone is 
verging on the fully-usable for me [1].  you may well be able to sort 
out the four or so things that are show-stoppers for you, with a little 
hacking and ingenuity, and the help of the excellent user community!

i will admit that i spent three hours yesterday re-flashing from the 
20080827 root FS image and re-doing all my customisations, in order to 
back out that dreadful Qtopia upgrade that's buggered so much stuff (qv 
everywhere on this list).  if you can't find a copy of 20080827 and want 
one, let me know and i'll send you mine.

so with a little work it can be got nearly there, and you can't expect 
much more than that from a fully-free device.  hopefully, between the 
community and openmoko, it'll get better and better as time goes on.  my 
wife, who's no dewy-eyed enthusiast for free software (she's a unix 
sysadmin, like me) reckons it'll punch the iphone out in a year's time if 
it reaches its potential.


       Tom Yates  -  http://www.teaparty.net

[1] most of my remaining gripes are about it's lack of rock-solid 
behaviour as a 'phone (no headset yet, i call it about 10 times a day to 
make sure it's still on the network and 2-3 times it doesn't ring, esp. if 
it's been suspended a while).

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