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Am Mittwoch, den 03.09.2008, 09:57 +0000 schrieb Christian Weßel:
> I am not able to follow all the discussions about FR, but now I try to
> get an overview which distributions are available:
> 1. 2007.2
> 2. 2008.8
> 3. qtopia
> 4. FSO
> 5. Debian
> 6. 2008.9(? is comming?)
> For each of these are own repositories needed? And has it's own
> philosophy?
> Is there an overview with prerequsist and pro/con of each in wiki?
> How should I decide which distro could be my one?

Let me comment on Debian. It’s not really a distro (in the Openmoko
speak) of it’s own, but a different underlying system for openmoko
distros. At the moment, we ship the software from the FSO stack, but
hopefully we’ll also have, for example, the Stable Hybrid Release
software in our archive.

So for now, Debian is a different way of installing FSO, which takes
more space and provides more programs :-)


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