qtopia update

Pawel Kowalak viru at bzimage.us
Wed Sep 3 17:19:02 CEST 2008

On 2008-09-03, at 16:39, Victor Chernyshev wrote:

> Lorn, I have updated the Qtopia with qtopia-4.3.3-snapshot-neo- 
> update.tgz but can't see any changes (SMS when suspended, another  
> call, echo - all are stay here). Dates of the files in Qtopia were  
> changed and System Info shows version 4.3.3 (I ran the script on top  
> of flashed 4.3.2 release image for gta01). What's wrong?

Would you mind not writing in HTML or at least change this gray  
background color to white or no-color? I really prefer my own settings  
when reading text.


Pawel Kowalak

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