GsmBluetooth state file for gta02

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Wed Sep 3 17:40:15 CEST 2008


> Out of interest, wouldn't it be possible to route the GSM audio
> through the CPU, and then through BT? It may be less then optimal, but
> I don't see why it wouldn't work?

yes... it should be possible to reset the bluetooth adapter to use cpu
(hci) routing. I haven't tried this (and it gets a little scary for
bricking, etc) but the command to temporarily make the change and
reset the adaper looks like:

bccmd psset -r 0x1ab 0

this may only take after running it twice.

a better option for testing out hci routing would be to turn off the
internal bluetooth adapter and attach a csr-based usb adapter to the
miniusb port. If you've got a good adapter, after plugging it in you
should be able to run:

hciconfig hci0 revision

and see "SCO mapping: HCI"

then you can follow the instructions that apply to using voice
bluetooth audio on a desktop machine. getting the gsm call to route
over it will be another hurdle--it's why I asked in another thread if
it's possible to record gsm calls.

the kernel support for doing hci-routed audio is vastly better in the
latest kernel using the btusb driver. That driver may still be in


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