Qtopia on Freerunner: Firsts steps of a newbee

Sven Bretfeld sven.bretfeld at gmx.ch
Wed Sep 3 21:44:12 CEST 2008

flamma at correo.ugr.es writes:

>> Where to store music files so that the
>> media player recognizes them?
> /media/card . For me, that was the kernel partition, so I had little space
> to store songs. I suppose this could be solved editing /etc/fstab.

Hm ... ls -l /media/card gives several input/output errors on my device.
So I don't dare to copy files into that directory. 

Anyway, from where have you got this information? The installed help
function says much about how to build and play a playlist etc. but
nothing about how to introduce files to the player. Can a
documentation be really so poor? I tend to think I'm missing something
really obvious, which is clear to all others but me. I believe there
must be some kind of handbook, maybe one that is shipped together with
a device with a pre-installed Qtopia. But I cannot find anything like


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