xfwm instead of matchbox-wm on debian?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Wed Sep 3 22:47:27 CEST 2008

Ok it seems it does work after restart. I only tried to kill matchbox-wm
and start xfwm4 (and matchbox-keyboard-toggle) but then it doesn't work.
Now i tried to replace the wm within the zhone-session file and rebooted
and the keyboard comes when pressing the key. :)

Now i only have the problem left that the keyboard window isn't on top
all the time and some system windows are above the keyboard. So i can't
type anything into these windows because i can't get the keyboard on top
again. :/


Christian Adams wrote:
> moin,
> you could edit /usr/bin/matchbox-keyboard-toggle (simpley python) to  
> open/close xvkbd instead matchbox-keyboard. you can also give xvkbd a  
> -geometry <width>x<height>+<x>+<y> to tel it where to appear on the  
> screen.
> (like i do in /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup xvkbd -xdm -compact -geometry  
> 480x210+0+430 &)
> regards, morlac
> Am 03.09.2008 um 21:01 schrieb Fox Mulder:
>> You have to replace the matchbox-wm line in zhone-session by xfwm4 to
>> start the xfce-wm. I also experiment with it at the moment but i  
>> got one
>> big problem.
>> Everything looks fine after start and xfwm is running. Now it is much
>> more to my liking with window resize and move functions.
>> But the matchbox keyboard isn't working anymore (won't pop up after  
>> key
>> press) which is a big problem. I think the keyboard is only properly
>> attached to matchbox-wm and not xfwm. Maybe it doesn't work at all  
>> with
>> xfwm, but this is the point where i'm stuck at.
>> Does anybody know what i have to do to regain the matchbox keyboard or
>> maybe some other keyboard with xfwm when pressing the aux button?
>> I still have the "matchbox-keyboard-toggle &" in the zhone-session  
>> file
>> before starting xfwm.
>> Ciao,
>>      Rainer
>> Marcel wrote:
>>> Moin,
>>> I was recently trying to get xfwm running instead of the matchbox- 
>>> wm on
>>> debian, but simply removing the matchbox-wm line from zhone- 
>>> session only
>>> prevents xfce from starting at all, xorg comes up though.
>>> Where's matchbox-window-manager woven in additionally? Or where/ 
>>> how do I need
>>> to start xfwm4, isn't it loaded by startxfce4?
>>> -Marcel
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