Using a vcard address book on debian/zhone

Thomas Köckerbauer tkoeck at
Thu Sep 4 01:44:51 CEST 2008

I've just installed debian on my freerunner and the thing I was missing most 
was the possibility to import contacts since I do not store my contacts on 
the SIM card. If anybody also has the same problem here is a very quick and 
dirty hack which allows to use a vcard address book as source for the phone 
book. I've tested it with a vcard 3.0 address book exported from "kontact". 
Please note that things like editing entries do NOT work with this hack.

Just replace the function "prepare" in the class pyphone_contacts in the 
file /usr/bin/zhone by the following:

    def prepare( self ):
        if not self.ready and not self.busy:
            file = open("/root/addressbook.vcf", "r")
            entries = []
            entry_nr = 1
            name = None
            number = None
            for line in file:
                if line.startswith("END:VCARD"):
                    if name and number:
                        entry = entry_nr, name, number
                        entry_nr = entry_nr + 1
                    name = None
                    number = None
                if line.startswith("FN:"):
                    name = unicode(line.partition(":")
[2].strip(), "utf8", "utf8")
                if line.startswith("TEL;TYPE=CELL:"):
                    number = unicode(line.partition(":")[2].strip())

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