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Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Fri Sep 5 18:07:35 CEST 2008

Am Friday 05 September 2008 17:43:09 schrieb John Whitmore:
> Hello all,
> Looking at that just confuses, me I'm afraid. I looked to see was there
> a wiki mailing list as I thought that was going to be set up. No such
> list so I'll post here, hope somebody can shed some light.
> The paragraph tells you what you should not do, but not really what you
> should do. Should I:
> cd /stuff/
> mkdir build
> mkdir build/conf
> touch build/conf/local.conf
> Then edit that local.conf file and pull stuff from
> into my local.conf?
> Sorry but want to build FSO and flash it into my FR and do some work. If
> I can make the wiki clearer in the process then well and good. Perhaps
> it's just me that gets confused ;-)

What exactly makes you confused? Please reread the following excerpts from the 
section you referenced:

"It is actually recommended to start smaller and keep local.conf.sample in the 
background and add entries from there step-by-step as you understand and need 


For building a .dev branch, in your local.conf file, you should have at least 
the following three entries. Example for the Angstrom distribution and the 
Openmoko gta01 machine:

BBFILES = "/stuff/*/*.bb"
DISTRO = "angstrom-2008.1"
MACHINE = "om-gta01"


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