Wifi totally broken in Om2008.8?

Daniel Hedblom daniel at solle.se
Sat Sep 6 17:13:26 CEST 2008

Im trying to get wifi going on my freerunner but i havent got any
success yet at all. I have tried the various tips in the wiki but
whatever i do packets seems to end up in the bit-bucket. Even as
ifconfig shows packets going through eth0 both in and out nothing gets
past the wireless driver when i check on the Wireless AP or on another
computer with wireshark. Disabling usb0 and its default route havent
helped. I regard myself as a pretty seasoned Linux user ( +10 years )
but this phone has me beaten for now.

I have also tried with Trolltechs Qtopia image and i have the same
problem there. Am i fighting windmills, just plain thick or is my wifi
nic in the phone perhaps broken?

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