Duke Nukem 3D on Openmoko Neo

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 6 18:51:54 CEST 2008

--- On Fri, 9/5/08, Dale Maggee <antisol at internode.on.net> wrote:
> I suspect that it won't run on 2007.2, because the
> accelerometers seem 
> to be broken.
> I get "Unknown Multivoc error code." when i try
> to run it in 2007.2.

Have you tried to kill pulseaudio as Alexander suggested?
If yes, please report if it run or not.


PS. (Alexander is right, Multivoc error problem is because there is another
soft controling the sound stuff.)

Rafael Ignacio Zurita
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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