Duke Nukem 3D on Openmoko Neo

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 6 18:57:39 CEST 2008

--- On Sat, 9/6/08, nickd <blumph at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I get "Unknown Multivoc error code." when i
> try to run it in 2007.2.
> I get that too running FSO MS2. Will let you know of my
> findings.

Mh, weird, in a fresh install it works out of the box.

Have you also tried to kill pulseaudio? Maybe another application
like pulseaudio is bad to play duke with sound.

Anyway, if you want to try without sound you need change the DOS 
config file /home/root/.duke3d/duke3d.cfg:
 - modify the line
[Sound Setup]
FXDevice = 0
[Sound Setup]
FXDevice = 13

and that is all.


Rafael Ignacio Zurita
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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