context sensitive menus

Matt matt.joyce at
Sun Sep 7 02:42:25 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Am Saturday 06 September 2008 03:01:33 schrieb Matt:
>> On Windows Mobile (pocket pc), a long tap is like a right click; it
>> invokes a context sensitive menu.
>> If text is selected, there are options for copy/paste/cut.
>> Are there plans for something similar for OM ?
> We had this in OM2007.1, but lost it on the way.
> I'm not sure how generally useful this feature is.

I think having an easy, intuitive, constant way to copy/paste text on a 
device with no keyboard, will always be useful.

Furthermore, I'd like to know that a long tap on a phone number will 
always offer to Call Number, SMS, Lookup Contact, Add to Contacts.

A long tap on selected text should offer to Save Note, Send SMS, Send EMail.

A long tap on text which includes a date/time should offer to add an 
event in the calendar too.

A long tap on an address should offer to find it on a map.

I'm sure there are many other instances where a long tap on 'something' 
should allow an action to be performed with it.
People should chime in if they support it.

At the moment, the FR is bearly able to compete with an old Palm Vx in 
terms of intuitiveness.

~ Matt

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