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Will be nice too... to have a:

community at	--> General mail

and then a:

community-debian at --> Add [debian] in the subject
community-2007-2 at --> Add [2007.2] in the subject
community-2008-8 at --> Add [2008.8] in the subject
community-qtopia at --> Add [qtopia] in the subject
community-fso at    --> Add [fso]    in the subject

So we can have only one ML but in the same time we can filter by subject

According you is possible?

Matt wrote:
> and as I have mentioned before, having different mailto addresses for 
> the same list, could be used to automatically prefix the subjects.
> so community-debian at could deliver to community at lists 
> but prefix the subject with [debian].
> This keeps everyone together and enables client side filtering.
> I've been part of busy lists before, with no way to filter, members just 
> unsubscribe.
> I have no effective filtering strategy for openmoko.
> ~Matt
> William Kenworthy wrote:
>> This has been discussed a number of times and dismissed because as an
>> idea it sucks:
>> 1. The majority have to find and subscribe to all these fragmented lists
>> to find information, so it only benefits a few.
>> 2. People multiple post to every list to make sure nobody will miss out
>> - doesnt happen you say? - look at the current community and support
>> (and thats with only two lists!)
>> 3. Emails get lost as people on other lists never see them.  (wont
>> happen you say? - see 2 above)
>> BillK
>> On Sun, 2008-09-07 at 00:00 +0300, Michele Renda wrote:
> Thank you Marcel, Arne
> [debian]	# As Debian - armel 4 (I use it with XFCE)
> [2007.2]
> [2008.8]
> [qtopia]
> [fso]
> There can be others? I think it will be very good if we start to use it.
> There are a lot of techical question that interest only who use one
> enviroment and will be nice to understand soon what is the argument
> about we are speaking.
> And without mulptiple ML we don't risk to loose some important arguments
> that are not a part of our ML.
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