GSoC OpenMoko Bluetooth remote controller - now with Gestures

Joachim Breitner nomeata at
Sun Sep 7 12:46:09 CEST 2008


Am Sonntag, den 07.09.2008, 11:39 +0100 schrieb Valerio Valerio:

>         >
>         >         Is this code in the subversion? If not, you run the
>         risk that
>         >         other
>         >         people will start to hack on the older, published
>         code which
>         >         will cause
>         >         troubles when merging.
>         >
>         > All the code is in the SVN, but was I said, I have a
>         incomplete
>         > and two static path in remoko_conf and
>         remoko_server :)
>         Ok, I worked around these in
>;a=summary (it's
>         svn-git
>         based, my changes are in the debian branch).
>         > About the error that you say that make the application
>         crash, can you
>         > give me details on it ?
>         I didn't check really yet, but if it's something that's not
>         caused by
>         me, I'll let you know :-)
>         > The enlightment errors in the keyboard are probably because
>         you don't
>         > have the last E packages, raster developed the keyboard pop
>         up method
>         > (that I'm using) in middle of august.
>         Hmm, it would be good if remoko works with other window
>         managers as
>         well, so it should handle it gracefully if this extension is
>         not
>         present. Maybe I'll have a patch for that too, later.
> This extension is responsible for pop-up the vkb, so if you are using
> Om 2008.8 the qtopia keyboard will appear, in FSO the E keyboard
> appear and so on, the extension pop-up any vkb present in the system,
> if you don't have a vkb the program don't crash but you can't
> configure keys or use the keyboard profile. You have a better
> suggestion for that ?

Well, just to make it easy for Debian, until we have the latest libs, I
applied this patch:;a=blobdiff;f=remoko/remoko;h=f7cdc95bfab86f2e1946daf7c4f6c332f7e6106d;hp=9ecddfef4124e95aeded37cf3e390a589af50dfb;hb=2e969b0985544f324877d06ceba8c5de797ac6a6;hpb=1d988ea1efd08b3a17a7e7f7e5348354d10d74df
It should not break it for anyone else, but makes it usable for us. At
least as an work-around until the function is present.

Now it works nicely here, thanks! And feel free to steal some of the
patches :-)


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