A little zenity-gui for flashing images to the neo

Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 8 02:12:18 CEST 2008

Joel Newkirk wrote:
> On Sun, 7 Sep 2008 14:50:20 -0400, "Charles Pax" <charles.pax at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 1:19 PM, Dale Maggee
>> <antisol at internode.on.net>wrote:
>>> I was more bored and wanted to exercise my scripting skillz, so I made
>>> some changes to this script.
>>> I saved your code into a file called "flasher" and make it executable. I
>> get the following error.
>> ./flasher: line 67: syntax error near unexpected token `('
>> ./flasher: line 67: `the USB-Device and booted into the Nor (for kernel
>> and
>> rootfs) or Nand'
>> -Charles
> Something like a bash script really MUST be sent as an attachment, to
> ensure this breakage doesn't happen.  Meanwhile you can go through the
> script and removed the extra newlines, so that echo statements and comments
> (the things I noted glancing at the script) are not wrapped.
> j
aah, damn word wrap!

here it is as an attachment, hope they're allowed.


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