Duke Nukem 3D on Openmoko Neo

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 17:12:10 CEST 2008

--- On Sun, 9/7/08, Charles-Henri Gros <charles-henri.gros+openmoko at m4x.org> wrote:
> Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> > I want to share a simple duke nukem 3d port for Neo
> which you
> > can play using the accelerometer :)
> > 
> >...
> >
> http://fz.hobby-site.org/om/duke-nukem-3d/how-to-play-duke.png
> That's great!
> However turning is a bit slow; I'm wondering if the
> accelerators
> couldn't generate mouse events instead of key presses
> for left/right
> (allowing analog left/right). I'd also like to tweak
> the angle for
> forward/backwards (possibly allowing some sort of
> calibration). I'd love
> to try this myself; but I have no idea how to build the
> source; can you
> help?

Sure. Werner helped me with that task, so I used these instructions:

Also, I have modified the Makefiles, so you only need to run
"make" to build ;) (well, if you have already an openmoko development
environment configured)

I'm going to improve a bit the code with some ideas, so if you do
something please let me know, so we can merge code and to do it 
still better.


Rafael Ignacio Zurita
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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